Bone percentages found using

back- 44%
leg quarter- 27%
thigh- 15%
breast- 20%


whole- 31%

brisket bone- 32%

neck- 60%
wing- 33%

To find info on other cuts of meat
1. Go to –>
2. Type in your meat  EX: chicken thigh raw –>
3. See the list, make selection, click- EX: first choice is “Chicken broilers or fryers, thigh, meat and skin, raw” Click on it –>
4. The new page that pulls up has all the info we’ve got on “Raw Chicken thighs w/meat & Skin”
5. ** Click on line “Full Report (All Nutrients)”, this gives you access to the amount of bone in the meat you’re looking at. In this example we see “Refuse: 15% Refuse Description: Bone and cartilage 15%” ** Average chicken thighs have about 15% bone.