Found 3 fleas on Bentley after he was imported from Czech Republic. 10 week old French Bulldog. I have Std Poodles in LONG coat. You end up with fleas in them, their coats are so thick, you’ll never rid yourself of them. I havent had fleas in at least 6 yrs or more.  I hate using drugs but I did as I wasnt going to shave my Spoos down with a 10 blade.


Ortho Tree & Shrub is the same active ingredient as Advantage or Advantix topical. The active ingredient is  imidacloprid at 9.1% in both those products. It the same active ingredient in the Ortho Max Tree and Shrub but Ortho is only 1.47% Imidacloprid. Advantage and Advantix is 6.19x stronger. If you take the dosages shown and multiply them by 6.19 this is the result for dosing with Ortho Tree & Shrub.


Advantage / Ortho Max Tree & Shrub

0.4 ml (for dogs under 10 pounds) Ortho Dose 2.476ml

1 ml (for dogs 11 to 20 pounds) Ortho Dose 6.19ml

2.5 ml (for dogs 21 to 55 pounds) Othro Dose 15.47

6ml4 ml (for dogs over 55 pounds) Ortho Dose 24.76ml


I put 1 CC on Bentley (1/3 of the reccommended dose as I was leary to use the full dose as he’s so tiny at 4#s) Within 3 hours of application of Ortho, I found one flea that was half dead on Bentley.  I picked it off, held on my finger and it didnt try to move anything but its legs while on its back. Almost like its body was paralized so I cut it in half. Ortho does work and Ive used it on rescues dogs many times.


When I have a rescue that has visible fleas, I put the Ortho on the dog outside, way away from the house, tie the dog up somewhere for a few hours so those fleas do not jump off inside your house.


Bentley did get panting for about an hour (about 5 hours after application) and it was only 70 degrees in here. So I washed it all off his coat and problem solved. I will watch for eggs to hatch daily with a flea comb and coat him with dawn dish soap to kill any new fleas.

Here are some Q&A’s from members of our CC co-op on using this product:

Q: Kathy Wolak So how did you apply it? Does it absorb systemically like Frontline?

A: I use a syringe down the back of the dog. I make several spots on the big dogs down to the tail. Put some on, rub to the skin with syringe tip. Move a space down and apply again until the proper dose is applied. I dont know if it absorbs as once I rinsed Bent off, he stopped panting about 10 mins later.

Q: Jerrie Belavy: Why not use diatomaceous earth?

A: Jerrie Belavy on a brachycephalic puppy chewing on themselves (nose planted right into the skin/fur) until it worked, if it did work? I would have more worries about him inhaling it down into his lungs and causing way more issues.

Q: Debby Makowski Dietrich: Supposedly Advantage II for Cats is exactly the same as for Dogs, just in different doses. Can this be used on cats? This year is the first time ever I have had fleas and I bought DE with Neem and various other natural stuff but it isn’t working. It stops the itching for a day or so and then they are right back to it. And I’m afraid of Bronson inhaling DE with his lung problems.

A: The Advantage II has 2 drugs in it. (Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen) but the dose is the same.

Cats up to 9 pounds – 0.4ml of Advantage- Ortho is 2.76ML

Cats 10+ pounds – 0.8ml of Advantage – Ortho would be 5.5 ML

Myself, I would not use that much on a cat over 10#s but choice is yours. I did Bentley at 1/3 of the recommended dose and it did its job. Bent is right around 5#s and I gave him 1ml Now for the dogs I dont worry so much but used 15ml for everyone from 50#s to 130#s and it seemed to work too. As I didnt feel comfortable using 25ml’s on my Dobes.

Make sure you only get the Ortho Tree & shrub that has ONE active ingredient which is Imidacloprid.  DO NOT GET IT if there is fertlizer in it like Bayer company has done. As Bayer makes both Advantage and Advantix and they also make a tree & shrub but now have added ferts to it as people were using it for fleas.

Q: Aleksandra Kingston My relatives had dogs and cats when i was growing up (I grew up in Russia and lived there until I was 28 years old). All animals had fleas and no one thought it was a big deal. When Teddy had fleas for the first time: before raw and in the middle of awarm winter, I was pretty causal about it, but my husband told me that we would get fleas in the house. Back in Russia we never had fleas in the house, although all our animals had fleas and some of them slept in bed. I know this might sounds pretty ignorant, but pets go back and forth between the house and the outside as do insects. Have you actually dealt with a house getting infested with fleas? Getting rid of fleas on a pet is not very hard and yes I would do it, of course, but if you think of big picture, getting the yard and the house infested and then keeping fleas away from coming back, etc. This sounds pretty big deal with lots of chemicals and effort involved.

A: Debby Makowski Dietrich: Actually I do agree with you that fleas are just a nuisance and no big deal. Unless you have a dog that is allergic to them. I haven’t been bit. Initially I thought it was an allergy because I had just introduced duck carcasses and didn’t find any fleas on them. But now my cats are scratching too and I haven’t done anything different with them. Anyway long story long here are some facts on fleas, what they do not carry, etc. for people to make up their minds if it is worth using pesticides or not. I tried the DE and it did work (for 2 days) but the eggs are in the carpet and when new ones hatch you have new fleas and I can’t keep exposing Bronson to the dust. If anyone knows a natural solution that WORKS longterm for cats and dogs (tea tree is poisonous to cats I’ve read) please let me know, I’d rather not use chemicals. Carnivore Carryout’com SIDE NOTE HERE~~~ Taking a chance on your pets ingesting fleas is very high. Ingested fleas then turn into tapeworm, which not only makes a pet very ill , but breaks down their immune system and can kill you pet. They are also transferable to humans. So to me using a chemical to rid the entire house of fleas one time is better than the outcome of tapes. JMO

Q: Debby Makowski Dietrich Question Carnivore Carryout’com – Are you saying all fleas turn into tapeworms or some carry the eggs or larvae?

A: Here is a great explanation of how the life cycle of fleas and tapeworms work.

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