Treats.  Cats and dogs love treats. Well, how could they not?  They are food, and they are something that isn’t always sitting in their bowl at dinner time.  There are many kinds of treats and chances are your pet has tried many different kinds, seeming to enjoy them all. This very well could be the case, but dogs seem to like anything.  Heck, my male even likes to chew on paper.  Now,  I don’t think one should just up and forget about feeding treats; on the contrary, I simple believe it is important to read labels and feed treats that are not contaminated or unregulated.

The horror of the treat industry, as well as the pet food industry, is that it lacks legislation to protect our pets.  Pet food companies can, and will, put dead animals into batches, preserve treats and food with cancer causing preservatives like BHA, and charge sky high prices for a mediocre product.

Be selective in your treats. Get a dehydrator and make turkey hearts (puppy crack as we raw feeders call’em) make jerky out of managers special meats or sale meats. Its much cheaper and healthier to make your own, than to purchase chemical infested, deadly, recalled treats that usually are manufactured over seas with no regulations on how they are processed.