Deworming and Flea Prevention: A Holistic Approach

 Note: This document is based on my experience and the experience of close friends. We have had great success, but we are careful and attentive. I do not suggest anyone provide holistic medicine if they are not willing to do research and take necessary precautions. Just because it is from nature, doesn’t make it safe.  If you have any questions please ask.

De-worming with Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade.

 You MUST use 100% food grade DE. Using anything aside from this is very dangerous. I only use Earth Works or Safe Solutions – These are very pure and I have had great success with them both. Safe Solutions is available at Zerbos.  DE is NOT a chemical, it destroys worms and parasites in a physical manner. Please be careful when using DE as excessive dust is not good for your lungs. I suggest lightly wetting the spoon before placing it in your bag or canister of DE, it will help stick so there is less dust. A little WILL NOT hurt you, but don’t stick your nose in it J

Many studies suggest that standard deworming is successful after 7 – 10 days of using DE; however, I suggest deworming for a period of 3 weeks in adults and until puppies are taken from their mother to new homes.  When dealing with tapeworms, you need to feed it for sixty days to make sure you have killed off tapeworms in all stages.

You can feed DE with food. I recommend wetting food, or using wet food and placing it in food. It is easier to feed this way. My dogs will eat it free choice now, but I wet it so that the dust is not a problem.



  • Under 10lbs – ¼ Teaspoon Daily
  • 10 – 30lbs – ½ Teaspoon Daily


  • Under 10lbs – ¼ Teaspoon Daily
  • 10lbs – 35lbs – ½ Teaspoon Daily
  • 35lbs – 75lbs – 1 Tablespoon Daily
  • 75lbs – 100lbs – 1 ½ Tablespoons Daily
  • 100lbs & Over – 2 Tablespoons Daily


  • Under 5lbs – ¼ Teaspoon Daily
  • Over 5lbs – ½ Teaspoon Daily


  • Under 5 – ¼ Teaspoon Daily
  • 5lbs – 10lbs – ½ Teaspoon Daily
  • Over 10lbs – 1 Teaspoon Daily.

**All doses may be adjusted if necessary, it is completely safe as the process used to deworm is not chemical.

Flea & Tick Prevention:

I use a combination of 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Supplements. The oils repel and the supplements are secreted through the natural oils on the dog’s skin. Both are very safe and highly effective. Many of my friends use these preventatives as well. People laugh at us, but our dogs do great, feel great and don’t have to have pesticides applied monthly. We keep Capstar on hand, should we ever need it.  Please remember: ESSENTIAL OILS ARE TO NEVER BE USED ON CATS, they cannot process the oils and it could be very harmful.  We use oils on our dogs and have cats in the house, simply do not apply them on the cat or the cat’s collar.

Essential Oils:

 Lavender, Cedarwood, Tea Tree Oil – All can be used to prevent Fleas, you only need to use one, but may use all three if you choose. I use Lavender.

 Rose Geranium – Can be used to prevent Ticks.

Oils should be applied directly to the collar. In Michigan, we have effectively kept fleas at bay by applying 1 drop of each oil on the dog’s collar, twice a week. You may apply more or less, as desired for your location. I suggest you apply more in very humid areas.

Garlic & Apple Cider Vinegar supplementation:

You may use any kind of garlic, as long as it is not garlic salt. I use freeze dried, minced garlic. ACV has to be organic with the “mother” still intact. This is available at health food stores and Kroger’s organic section.


–         Under 35lbs – 1/16th Teaspoon Every Other Day

–         35  & Over – 1/8th Teaspoon Every Other Day

On the days I do not feed garlic, I feed Apple Cider Vinegar.


–         Under 35lbs – 1 Teaspoon Every Other Day

–         Over 35lbs – 2 Teaspoons Every Other Day

**ACV is also fantastic at removing and relieving hotspot and sunburns, simply apply it to the area and in 24 hours, it will be dried up and reducing in size. Reapply daily until gone.

Copyright Megan Heath 2012

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this blog are based on experience and research. They are not meant to replace proper veterinary care.  Carnivore Carry Out suggests researching veterinarians in your area who may be of the holistic variety or who encompasses natural health and its relation to pets before beginning raw diets.  Just as in humans, no diet is one size fits all and a raw-friendly veterinarian may be best at deciding what is right for your pet.  Carnivore Carry Out assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the information in this blog, as it is provided as a general resource and we are unable to monitor its use with all readers. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, please contact your holistic veterinarian or other competent professional. Please note: If you have an issue with the website, NOT the blog, please contact the owner of the website – you can do so at Thank you.